Presentation: Den gode by / The good city

Thursday 21/9, 13:30-15:00

The Co-creation of our our cities is believed by many to be the key to solving some of the biggest and most challenging aspects of our lifetime, such as migrations, climate challenges, urbanisation and abandonment of the rural areas, etc. These are areas of debate and conflicts that challenge traditional government thinking and central problem solving and demand cross-sector collaborations and as such call for the co-creation of our cities.

Den Gode By is a platform that engages and encourage citizens and businesses to reflect on our cities and take action to co-create local solutions, activities and start-ups to make our cities even better.

Local community centres
Den Gode By – Community Centres invites every citizen, young and old / working and unemployed to bring their own ideas on how to improve our cities to shine, and offer a co-working space, project guidance and mentorship possibilities.

The aim is to generate local empowerment and collaboration on broader topics and share knowledge online via the dedicated social community located at:

Online community
Den Gode By is also a topic driven online community, which makes it possible to take part in discussions on relevant topics around experimental city development, each use can create unique profiles, find collaboration partners and visit the media center to find inspiration on how to create change locally.

Municipalities can use the online community as a tool to stay in contact with local engaged citizens and make sure co-creation processes keep on track and every stakeholder is well informed and involved. Apart from this every engaged citizen can see what projects other citizens and professionals are working on at any given time.



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