Interview – INSP!

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, a group of people in Roskilde started thinking about how they could make better use of the resources and potentials in the city. Their vision was to create an inspiratorium – a new community centre where people and other stakeholders could connect, and collaborate. The underlying idea was that, by working together, people, volunteer organisations, educational institutions, business and the municipality would have improved capacity to address or even solve social problems, stimulate entrepreneurship and make better use of local opportunities. Significant challenges for the city at the time were keeping the city centre alive; increased mental health concerns amongst young people, the need to include and create better employments opportunities for immigrants and other marginalised groups.

The social space making continues
In 2015 the local public housing company bought the area and started a city development process together with a private developer and the municipality. In the area both public and private housing is built for 500 new residents. In this redevelopment plan, the inspiratorium was allowed to stay in the area and it has become central element of the new neighbourhood to support liveability and a more social sustainable urban development. The whole area is being redeveloped in inspiratorium-style.

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